The Bilge Pumps - a singing pirate and comedy group that will bring out your inner pirate and make it dance. They've been known to play a steel drum every now and then, too.

Richland College Steel Band - the premier community college steel band program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Be sure and attend their Carnival of Steel each April.

Ibidis Mortem Productions - Entertainment for the ages. Featuring music, magic, stunts, swordfights, web hosting, web design... you know... all of the things you need to make life go 'round.

The Pan Blog - The evolution of the Steel Drum message board that is the place to go to ask questions, get answers, and stay in touch with pan players from all over.

Tropical Shores Productions - Great steel drum resource including very nice sheet music and play along books, drums, CD's and more.